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Hi guys, Jay’s here with my broker, partner, mentor, guru, whatever you want to call, and we are sitting in front of the house we are doing in Harwich and let me hand over to my friend, my partner, Bob, he’s here and he’s gonna let you know what we are doing and how we can help, Bob.

Hi guys, Bob Bono here, founder of South Shore REIA, we deal with investors and it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced, you’re brand new, if you’re just gettin’ in the game, or you’re a very experienced investor, we’re sittin’ in front of one of the projects we’re workin’ on, we just did the whole outside is finished, new vinyl, new windows, you know, framing, new roof, and we’re in the middle of it, but we got lots of projects like this, whether you wanna go through the MLS or whether you’re an agent, you’re not an agent, we do it all different ways, we got a bunch of deals and we can help you with anything. Please, give us a call, because we got lots of these things goin’, we got a team of probably eight or ten people that are presentin’ deals to us, so we have stuff that comes up all the time in Plymouth and Barnstable County and we’re even doin’ some down as far as Boston, so if you’re lookin’ for a deal or you wanna get involved in a deal, we also partner, please give us a call. Jay, give ’em the information.

Alright, and how ’bout if someone wants to sell a house and they don’t wanna hire the agent, so they don’t wanna pay a commission, how we can help? There is any way you can help, Bob?

Absolutely, we do it always, it doesn’t matter if you wanna go through the brokerage, if there’s commission involved or there isn’t, it doesn’t matter to us because we deal with all kinds of investors and wholesalers, so please give us a call, we can put you on the list, see what you need or if you want coaching or partnering, we have a lot of opportunities there. It doesn’t matter if you have money or you don’t have money. If you have a deal you wanna talk about, give us a call.

Alright, so you can call me at 781-526-4760 or you can call Bob at 508-400-9104. Let me give you a quick tour of the house we are working on. What we are working on right now. The outside is done, as Bob said, the roof is new. The siding is new.

[Bob] The windows are new.

[Jay] New windows, new doors, now only the interior needs to be done. So we are waiting here, one of the guys to show up to give us estimate for the work so let’s take a look. Alright, looks good, all framing is done. Now the interior needs to be done, that’s it. Then we’ll be done here, alright guys, if you have any questions, feel free to call or text, okay, 781-526-4760 or call or text Bob at 508-400-9104, thank you.

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